Our Family

From our home in central Minnesota, our family has been sewing vestments since 2018. We love the Catholic Church

and Her teachings. Holy Mass and adoration visits are the highlights of each week.

Our Name

Porta Caeli is Latin for Gate of Heaven. In the Mass, Heaven meets Earth as the Lord comes to meet us at the altar. It is our hope that our vestments help to draw a person's visual senses to the richness of the Mass, and a glimpse of the majesty of Heaven.

Dignum et Justum Est

It is right and just to offer back to God the best that we can give. He has given us everything. In the liturgy, especially in the celebration of the Eucharist, we thank God for his infinite goodness to us and we raise our hearts to him. Making an effort to beautify the liturgy shows our sincerity of thanks. One aspect of beautifying the liturgy concerns vestments, the garments of the ministers. Providing high-quality, elegant vestments and church goods is the goal of our family's small business.