Custom Embroidery

We use an automated embroidery machine for most of our embroidery. A computer file provides the instructions to the machine concerning design images, stitch types, and sizing. Once we have the file, we can stitch out many repetitions of a design quickly and accurately.

We have software to digitize new embroidery or match embroidery from non-copyrighted images.

We also purchase embroidery files from online vendors and can sew them into your project.

Please ask about our custom embroidery when enquiring about your project.

Designs We Make for You

Ideas for new embroidery can start with a simple sketch or photo from you. We can also direct you to vintage books and vestment design catalogs for inspiration. See below for examples of Porta Caeli's Digital Embroidery.

Digitization Example: IHS

The letters IHS were taken from a German Gothic Capitals (17th Century) alphabet found in the 1921 Letters and Lettering handbook (out of copyright) by Frank Chouteau Brown. Our digitization of the letters included reshaping, resizing, alignment, embellishments, stitch type, stich direction, thread color, and thread type (regular or metallic).

Digitization Example: Fleur-de-lis Cross

This cross outline was taken from the sales catalog Over 1000 Designs for Church Needlework by Thomas Brown and Son (circa 1900). Our digitization included stitch fills, embellishments, and layering of colors and stitch types.

Designs We Buy

You may also browse machine embroidery files sold by others. We purchase the appropriate files and sew them out using your preferred thread colors. We can direct you to vendors that sell embroidery files that are appropriate for ecclesiastical applications.